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Update, Finally

I’ve been a little busy. This house stuff, kid stuff and don’t-get-me-started-on-the-job stuff has been a bit much the past couple of weeks. I did find time to have a friend over to the unpacking-construction zone of a house. I won’t name her, she would lose her mind. We’ve known each other for more than… Read More Update, Finally

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Weekend Updates

The weekend was a blur of juggling home improvement errands, projects and busy boys…as traffic challenges continue in Atlanta. The primary goal of the weekend was to resolve the issue of the HVAC floor returns, formerly located in a wall that no longer exists. We found wood registers, removed the plastic register bits to create return grilles… Read More Weekend Updates

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The Fence

The fence company arrived at 9:30 am.   There were many, many trips with supplies, buckets, tools, etc.   The backyard is complicated, and this fence installation requires the use of a machete and a chainsaw.     It looks like we will go into day 2 before the fence is wrapped up. Stay tuned.… Read More The Fence

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Damn Rain

The rain has been interfering with outside progress for the past few days. There is not very much to report. The lower deck was finished up on Friday.     We spent most of the weekend running between hardware stores and furniture stores. The need for a dining room table is driving most of the… Read More Damn Rain

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So much wallpaper…

Prep continues at the house. It turns out that everywhere there is wallpaper, there are two layers of wallpaper.  It’s incredibly time consuming to remove. I understand why people just paint over it. Here is the listing photo of the master bedroom for reference, this room has one window and two layers of wallpaper. We… Read More So much wallpaper…