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Lights and Boxes

The electricians finished the device updates on Wednesday. Every recepticle and switch in the house has been updated. I learned that a light that’s controlled by two switches is called a three-way and that attic fans are now illegal. Ours is grandfathered in, still works, and is attached to a new switch. Also, it’s important to… Read More Lights and Boxes

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Move Day : Part 1

Big steps forward today. We had everything hauled out of storage and into the house, in the rain. I don’t think it will ever stop f’ing raining. We have a lot of crap. I hoard old Mac computers, handbags, and yarn. The husband hoards folk art, pottery, comic books and general weirdness. More on that… Read More Move Day : Part 1

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More Paint

It is coming together! Even the little shed is shaping up. I can’t get enough of the before/after progress checks. The front porch rail, doors, garage and deck are next. If only the rain would knock it the hell off…

House, Paint, Progress

Paint Progress

Its been a very long day. The elevator tried to warn me this morning, pointing me back to the car.   I’m tired and out of words. Behold, house progress. This is around 6pm today and yes, that’s more damn rain, with more expected tomorrow.

House, Paint, Progress


One update today, and it is a big one. Primer!     I hope the weather cooperates, because the paint phase is scheduled to start tomorrow. I really can’t take much more of those odd white shutter ghosts on the siding. Primer, y’all!!!

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Weekend Updates

The weekend was a blur of juggling home improvement errands, projects and busy boys…as traffic challenges continue in Atlanta. The primary goal of the weekend was to resolve the issue of the HVAC floor returns, formerly located in a wall that no longer exists. We found wood registers, removed the plastic register bits to create return grilles… Read More Weekend Updates

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Fence & Front Porch

The fence, also known as the child containment unit, was completed today. These drains will be buried soon. Also, those gates can be lifted out entirely, so we can haul mulch into the backyard (next week, maybe). The new front porch rail is the other big progress this week. The posts went in on Thursday.… Read More Fence & Front Porch