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Damn Rain

The rain has been interfering with outside progress for the past few days. There is not very much to report.

The lower deck was finished up on Friday.



We spent most of the weekend running between hardware stores and furniture stores. The need for a dining room table is driving most of the shopping outings. We have a few contenders under consideration, hopefully we’ll have a winner soon.

We picked up chairs for the kids’ fort-playhouse. IKEA. The land of budget-friendly kid solutions. These things can take abuse, be hosed off, are stackable and affordable at $14 ea.


The only other house progress over the weekend was the chandelier for the dining room.

It arrived in a small box, in many, many pieces. Threading the chandelier arms into the tiny metal orb was something special. There are 18 of them. 18.



We also spent a small fortune on LED vintage-style lightbulbs for those 18 arms.


It took two days of swearing and careful use of needle-nose pliers, but here it is, waiting to be hung.


The rain is stopping, and the fence will finally be installed tomorrow.

Hopefully outside paint-prep can resume soon as well.



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  1. To put this in prospective – the Sputnik was launched when your mother was in the 5th grade… do the math!! Loving all these updates – it’s almost like being there and sure wish we were!!

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