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Labor Day Weekend Projects

We skipped looking at this house when it first hit the market because the listing photos of the yard were not appealing. It just did not seem to be a kid-friendly yard, which was a big part of the point of buying a house. Here’s a couple of those photos:

The listing price dropped, and inventory was tight, so we decided it wouldn’t hurt to take a look. Another one from the category “Leslie’s-always-right”, you really can’t get a feel for a place from the photos.

We got to the house a little early, so we walked around the yard before seeing the house, which may have been what sold the house. It is a crazy yard. The listing photos were difficult to interpret, and did not do it justice. There’s a creek, ┬ámany paths, a shed that looks like a little chalet, a swing set, years of cultivated plants and a massive back deck overlooking it all. The yard had a great deal of charm and it was easy to imagine young boys running and exploring it.

The crazy yard got a little love this weekend. We loaded up with multiple bags (and multiple trips) of mulch to cover the many paths. They were in desperate need, anytime it rained these paths turned into little muddy rivers. We will see if No Float mulch is true to its name. The paths look great.

The lower side of the yard was also treated to mulch, courtesy of a neighbor’s tree removal. The boys put the wheelbarrow to good use today.

Before mulch:


I worked on some inside gardening. We have an odd little half-wall in the master bath. It needed something. I had it in my head to put planters there, but the space is narrow and challenging for any regular planter or pot. I wandered Lowe’s looking for a solution until I remembered mud pans. Stainless steel drywall mud pans would be perfect.

Pike Nurseries was next on the list, that’s a great place to lose an hour. Shopping child-free is like a mini-vacation. I spent a surprising amount of money on many succulents and tiny shade-loving plants for new mud pan planters.

I discovered that Michael’s sells these tiny clay pots. Tiny.

Which calls for this, naturally.

The tiny plants have a new home. Pro-tip, the Pike’s brand indoor/outdoor soil has a very odd smell. Stick to outdoor use for that stuff.

In other happy progress news, More things made it to the walls this weekend. The husband’s massive pottery collection includes many ring jugs.

That last one is my favorite. It is tiny, it could almost be a bracelet for me.

Remember this oddball piece of furniture that was perfect for our dining room?

The green fabric and busted trim on the doors had to go. We were considering a variety of options to replace it, including smoky mirror – you know the one.

Anyway, I spent an hour Sunday morning slowly, and carefully, removing the mystery layers of fabric, vinyl and backing in preparation for whichever option might win.

When I was done, the doors looked like this:

No need for smoky mirrors! Now it looks like this:

Yes, those are more cute little succulents you see on the top. I might have a problem.


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