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I know, I know

I know it has been too long. I promise I did not forget about the blog.

The past couple of weeks have been consumed with non-stop home stuff, work stuff, and life stuff. Birthday parties for friends, birthday parties for kids, replacing a windshield and a battery on my stupid car, an eclipse (totality, baby), first big family dinner at the new house, first overnight houseguests (mom & dad, all the way from Texas) and big milestones for the 4-year old who started kindergarten and turned 5. Here’s a photo from his birthday trip to the aquarium.

Happy flowers, which were part of a lovely housewarming gift from my sister in-law and niece that included wine, cheese straws, soaps and so much more goodness.

We drove north to Blairsville to experience the full eclipse last week, which was amazing and impossible to capture in photos. This crescent shadow thing was pretty cool.

House progress has been slow and steady. We’ve managed to get a few things up on the walls, including those galvanized bins I ordered from Magnolia Farms months ago. They are the perfect landing strip for keys, sunglasses, loose change etc.

I love this photo, it belonged to my grandfather. The train is the Atlanta & West Point 290, which is currently being restored at the Southeastern Railway Museum. The ring jugs and wedding jar are part of my husband’s massive pottery collection.

More pottery! Tiny pottery, displayed in an old mail sorter that was rescued from the Biltmore Hotel during a renovation a few years ago. This is hanging on the dining room wall. One of these bowls was made by my son, who was lucky enough to go to clay camp this year with the one-and-only Polly. I bet you can pick his handiwork out of this lineup.

The main living space in the house feels like it is coming together. I love it in the evenings when the sun is going down.

The gray pillows on the sofa are my favorite. My mother made them for us, she’s impressive with the yarn skills. I love them and have spent a great deal of time protecting them from the 5-year-old. He keeps fighting the pillows with dramatic flopping and punching shenanigans all over the sofa and the floor.

I have a very large canvas of a photo I took nearly 20 years ago during a cross-country drive. It was stored safely during this move in a friend’s basement (thanks, M!). The canvas finally made it to the house this week, and is now up on the wall.


I do love that sweet little vase, thank you, friend who would kill me for calling her by name.

We finally found the perfect side table. We had been searching for a specific type of table for the space between the couch and chair, mostly by stalking this guy’s Instagram – if you’re in the Atlanta area, make note

We also found this random piece that is a great fit for the dining room. It will be getting a few cosmetic adjustments, hopefully this weekend.

I’m chipping away at my home office. So is my son. Who does this !!? He’s a bit cat-like in his methods of destruction.

I love the Peace piece (yeah, I said it) it was a gift from a good friend with embroidery skills for days and is perfect in my office. That’s a ball winder to the right, only a yarn nerd knows what that is… and it is also a gift from a good friend (different friend) and fellow yarn nerd.

This was the first thing I hung up in the office, another gift from a friend. I have awesome friends, in case you didn’t pick up on that theme. She and her dad made this for me a million years ago. It was meant to display my random collection of skeleton keys. Somehow both survived moving and storage without being damaged or lost.

These paintings by make me happy every time I look at them.

The yard now has three hummingbird feeders. One is outside of my office windows and I am treated to hummingbird antics all day long. I am fascinated by their hovercraft skills and super-turbo-zoom exits.

I’ll try to pick up the pace on the posts. Hopefully we are going to have a routine again, soon.

I will leave you with this, more succulents and strawberry jars.

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