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Mother’s Day, Scott Antiques Attempt #2

Mother’s Day started with coffee, sweet cards, gifts and hugs from the boy. ?

Then off to Scott, again. We were on a new mission to find trough shelves and thought it was worthwhile to give it another shot. Sunday is the day that vendors leaves the antique show early, it was a bit of a ghost town.

We did discover beer garden picnic tables. They’re shallow and about 6′ long and seem perfect for the deck.


They are priced around $225-$350, it varies by vendor. They are not antique. They’re new, painted in bright yellows or orange, and treated to look old. We decided against buying one, but were a little stuck on the idea. On the way to lunch I consulted my trusted advisor Google. It turns out we could get the same thing new, not painted in an annoying color, and delivered right to the door for $99.  Even better, ordering through Amazon with a Prime membership means free shipping. I used AmEx reward points instead of cash when checking out and ended up spending exactly $0.00 for this:

During yesterday’s walk through at Scott, I noticed an old school desk that I really liked. It was still there today. I decided that with a few adjustments it might be perfect for my office.


The desk made it home to Tiny House safely in the back of the Subaru. It is currently shedding many layers of paint under the magic of the stripping gel.


We will see how this looks tomorrow once the gel chews its way through years of paint and pen abuse.





I’m also still working through the kitchen cabinet door test. This stuff is my new best friend and it does not have a horrible chemical smell.


After the Scott Adventure we stopped for lunch and a Bloody Mary.  Yes, it was as good as it looks.


Then we walked through a home store that I had not yet discovered.

This place might take all of my money in the coming months. Today it took $19 for two lampshades that you’ll see in a future project.

So back to the trough shelves. I’m convinced they’re the best way to organize a landing strip for keys, sunglasses, etc.  This idea came from a trough shelf bookcase we saw yesterday at Kudzu. The shelf was interesting, but overpriced at $265. Google came through again, and the perfect shelves are out there in two different sizes and with little compartments.

What genius sells these perfect shelves? Magnolia Farms aka Joanna Freaking Gaines.  They’re here if you find yourself in need.


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