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So much wallpaper…

Prep continues at the house. It turns out that everywhere there is wallpaper, there are two layers of wallpaper.  It’s incredibly time consuming to remove. I understand why people just paint over it.

Here is the listing photo of the master bedroom for reference, this room has one window and two layers of wallpaper. We needed more window and less wallpaper.


Now it looks like this:



And from the deck:

Exciting times.

Also, all credit for this idea goes to the husband. He’s been obsessed with the idea to the point that I’m starting to wonder why he feels the need for a handy escape hatch from his side of the bed.

The desk that made it home from Scott is on it’s 3rd day and 4th coat of stripping gel treatments. I guess I should be glad it isn’t wallpaper.



This may take some time, but I’m hopeful that tonight’s coat of orange goo will cut through the final layer of paint. This desk might be older than me.




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