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Weekend Updates

The weekend was a blur of juggling home improvement errands, projects and busy boys…as traffic challenges continue in Atlanta.

The primary goal of the weekend was to resolve the issue of the HVAC floor returns, formerly located in a wall that no longer exists.

We found wood registers, removed the plastic register bits to create return grilles and they appear to be doing the trick. The returns should be relocated, and will be, but that will happen when the inevitable HVAC replacement takes place. For now, this works and is much more budget friendly.

There was a bird feeder on a pole in the backyard that was falling apart, despite duct tape repair attempts. We replaced that bird feeder with a monster 3-tube feeder that will keep the birds happy.

I’m also happy to report that I replaced one of the doorbells myself, wired it up without injury or assistance. I also replaced the brassy old-lady handles with flat black ones. It’s a bit of a step up, and I’m clumsy.

We borrowed a truck and hauled the new chairs and recently recovered sofa to the house. This gives us a little more room to move in Tiny House and allows us to begin the psycho tetris game of figuring out the furniture layout in the newly open space. (Leslie is always right….)

Random find of the week, in the hardware section of the local Kroger, tiny clamps.

Tiny. That’s a quarter.

They’re the best little chip clips, ever.

Today, outside prep resumed, exciting things like fascia board replacement and gutter caulk.

Tomorrow, weather-willing, primer!

Electricians have been scheduled for Monday. They will be replacing every outlet and switch, as well as installing a grounding system for the house. The old grounding system was attached to the water line, which was originally galvanized pipe. That pipe was replaced a few years ago with PVC, hence the need for grounding.

I’ll wrap this up with a shot of the 4 year-old’s house projects, meant to occupy him and allow us to get stuff done. Sometimes it works. The green stuff is kinetic sand, it’s fascinating and not as annoying as play-doh.

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