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I know, I know

I know it has been too long. I promise I did not forget about the blog. The past couple of weeks have been consumed with non-stop home stuff, work stuff, and life stuff. Birthday parties for friends, birthday parties for kids, replacing a windshield and a battery on my stupid car, an eclipse (totality, baby), first big family dinner… Read More I know, I know

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Update, Finally

I’ve been a little busy. This house stuff, kid stuff and don’t-get-me-started-on-the-job stuff has been a bit much the past couple of weeks. I did find time to have a friend over to the unpacking-construction zone of a house. I won’t name her, she would lose her mind. We’ve known each other for more than… Read More Update, Finally


I Hate a Cardboard Box

One of my favorite things to do lately is to work from home. It is convenient, but it’s also nice to make progress with things like laundry during endless conference calls, or throwing dinner in the crockpot on a lunch break. This chicken chili was delicious, and I’m officially taking this domestic thing for a… Read More I Hate a Cardboard Box

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More Unpacking

Yes, it has been over a week since the last post…unpacking is exhausting. Last Friday, the dining room table arrived. It will be August before the chairs show up.  I consider it real progress to finally have a table. We went with the largest option, it also has a leaf that expands it to about… Read More More Unpacking

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Lights and Boxes

The electricians finished the device updates on Wednesday. Every recepticle and switch in the house has been updated. I learned that a light that’s controlled by two switches is called a three-way and that attic fans are now illegal. Ours is grandfathered in, still works, and is attached to a new switch. Also, it’s important to… Read More Lights and Boxes