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Thermostat, Hooks, Dance Party

We kicked off the weekend by installing a new thermostat Friday night. The thermostat we had was outdated, not intuitive and a shade of beige that belongs in 1978.

Georgia Power offers substantial discounts on thermostats if you buy through their marketplace. We went with the Nest thermostat, it is well reviewed and we have a few friends that recommended it.


It came with its very own little screwdriver.


And a built-in level.

Nest thermostat is shockingly simple to install. It was installed and setup on our iPhone App in about 20 minutes.

Important note – take a photo of the wiring for the current thermostat before ripping it off the wall.

The screen sleeps until you walk near it, it lights up as you pass by so you can see the temperature. I’ve been tempted to wave my hand in front of it, Jedi-like.

Saturday was mostly sorting and emptying the many bins that have been in the garage for nearly a month. We might be able to park in it, soon.

Moving is one of the top 5 stressors in life. I’m sure one of the reasons behind this stress is the emotional upheaval. You’re forced to rummage through storage bins to unpack and inevitably find things that will make you cry. Photos of lost friends, family, pets are expected triggers. Then there are the real surprises. For example, you might completely forget that you have multiple crates of stuff that belonged to your grandmother. Everything has been in storage so long you genuinely do not know what might be in any given box.  So, when you pop open a nondescript green metal file box and discover that it is jam-packed with patterns for dolls and clothing that your grandmother spent years creating, you might just fall apart a little.

Another thing that that will bring tears to your eyes. Stepping on this goddamn thing on your son’s floor. I don’t know what it is called so I’ll go with “Lego’s evil cousin.”


Here’s a text I sent the husband Saturday evening. I’m a real treat to live with, in case you’re wondering.

This thing scurried out of the reach of my Dyson aka Arachnid Removal System, and hid in a kitchen towel. Husband used the tried and true smash method. We do not have to move, but we are down one kitchen towel. It seemed like a reasonable trade off.

In other news, I’ve discovered it is difficult to find decorative hooks to suit me. They’re usually too ornate and annoying. I need simple and industrial. Somehow the Target Gods heard and understood this complaint, because after two months of hook-searching, these popped up at Target this week.


Which means we were finally able to pull together the landing spot for schoolbags and shoes in the sunroom.

I also found air plants for these lovely little glass globes my mom gave me years ago. They were perfect for the window over the kitchen sink.


We managed to pull together half of the family room.

Packages arrived on Sunday afternoon as we were working on this room and the husband announced they were for The Dance Party.

What happened next defies description, so I’ll leave y’all with this little video — Dance Party

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  1. This is about the BEST ONE yet!! I’m typing thru tears and laughter. You are a VERY creative writer and now I know what to get you for HouseWarming…..a DISCO BALL!!

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