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Scott Antiques, Prep Progress and More

An early morning trip through an antique mall with two bulldozer children should begin with the appropriate amount of coffee.

After a total goat rodeo of a morning, it turns out the only real benefit of the field trip to this place was meeting a friend I do not get to see very often. That and hitting my step goal by noon. Not one item purchased.

Moving on, after trip #5 to Home Depot, we stopped by the house to see how things are coming along.

Wallpaper is being removed with steam by a woman of great patience and talent.

Paper is being taped down in every room in the house to protect the floors. The walls are being patched and smoothed for painting.


The kitchen cabinets are not part of the house painting project.  I’m hesitant to paint them, they’re lovely old-school wood cabinets. Once we commit to painting them, there’s no going back.

I’m wondering how it will look if we just strip them down and stain them another color. I decided to do a test. I took down this one kitchen cabinet door before we left, more on this little guinea pig tomorrow.

After lunch we went to another little antique mall, Kudzu, to make up for the disappointing showing at Scott. We saw a ton of great potential dining room tables, possible sofas and I found the most adorable little sewing chair. A sewing chair is just a tiny chair with a seat that flips up for storage. It was not expensive and we caught a sale because it was 10% off at the register. The joy. This cuteness will soon be found in my office/knitting haven in the new house.



It is just past 7pm, total steps so far today–

So now this —

Night, y’all.








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