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Outside Progress Updates

There are so many updates today it is tough to pick a place to begin.

The power washing prep for exterior paint is impressive.

Even this cute little thing will get a bath and a spa day soon.

There is a large deck on the back of the house. Typically, the deck is the best place for the grill. In our world, the path from the kitchen to the grill would be a little challenging. It would include a step down into the sunroom, out the sunroom door and up a few stairs. This is a bit of a problem. Clumsy husband + Stairs + Carrying Food to/from Grill = Disaster.

So we’re having a lower deck built here for the grill.


This was in place by end of day today,


The power washing and exterior house prep and repair is moving along. The shutters were removed today, they won’t be coming back. Here are a couple of with shutters/without shutters photos.




Apparently the house was a whiteish color before it was painted blue.


The fans arrived today. I think we will be seeing a lot of this truck.


Light fixtures and fans were going up today, the dining room chandelier is supposed to show up tomorrow. Can’t wait to see that thing in person.

The fence company has yet to confirm the installation date, but today this guy showed up to mark the utilities in preparation for the fence. Hopefully that will also help the Comcast people, if they ever show up to bury that freaking glowing orange cable that has been running across the yard for 3 weeks.


The best update of the day, and one of the primary objectives when we began the house search…

The installation of a new fort / play set for the boys.

We dismantled the old one over the weekend. It was well past its prime.

Here’s a couple of stalker photos taken while the guys were installing the fort. Take a moment to admire that gardenia right outside of the kitchen window. I love it.


Swing sets have come a long way since we were kids.


This thing has a playhouse with windows and a dutch door, a ladder and pole, a climbing wall, ramp, slide, swings and has been appropriately personalized.



When we visited the showroom to order this, the boy ran himself silly on a loop up the ramp and down the slide. I expect him to lose his mind when he sees this for the first time in his own backyard.

He also lost his mind on the drive home today. Atlanta is non-stop construction right now. Homes, apartments, offices, every other block is covered up in cranes, dump trucks, closed lanes, etc. etc.  Tonight’s highlight “Mommy! There’s a porta-potty hanging from a crane!”

I’m familiar with the practice of suspended tools, equipment and other items of value on construction sites. This is a first, and I was not able to answer the subsequent questions on the topic.

Primer tomorrow, y’all!


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