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More Little Things

We are winding up the little details on the interior work.

Floor patching.


The HVAC  covers are still being sorted out, more on that later.


Once the floor was done, the final trim for the remaining parts of the wall could be finished.


Even the garage looks great.


It’s been a hell of a week. Work is insane, and the 4 year-old is doing Clay Camp from 9am – 12pm, which means lots of driving around in the middle of the day in Atlanta. Driving around in Atlanta means dealing with assholes like this guy, parked and blocking a one-way street.

The other exciting news today is the exterior work is starting. Power washing today and tomorrow!  Primer on Friday.  Of course, this is tied into the weather, which will be rain on and off for the next week.

We should have a fun yard update to share tomorrow.



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