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Stools & Door Stoppers

The stools arrived today. They’re sturdy and they might just be up to the abuse that is in their future. I also discovered yet another electrical outlet under the kitchen counter. Judging from the black duct tape on it I’ll assume it will need to be replaced. We’re north of 50 outlets in the house at this point.

In addition to outlets, plates, switches, and door knobs that needed updating, the doors all need new door stoppers. The townhouse had these things

If you have cats or kids that will discover these giant springs, they immediately become loud and annoying toys.

There is not a ton of variety in door stopper-land. You have the loud annoying spring option or the standard metal bar that hasn’t changed since at least 1962, when this house was built. I managed to find the standard metal bar in the same finish as the doorknobs and with a slate-colored rubber tip instead of a screaming white one.


This little $2 detail makes me happy. Sometimes it really is the little things.

I’m also really happy with the paint colors. If you’ve ever wandered down a swatch rabbit hole prior to a huge paint job you understand the anxiety of that decision.

Here they are again, all together in one happy photo.

Trim: SW 7019 Gauntlet Gray

Walls: SW 7014 Eider White

Brick: SW 7017 Dorian Gray


That happy color photo is from the corner of the fireplace. This fireplace has come a long way with a little paint.

There’s brick all over the house, inside, outside, the garage, retaining walls, pavers, paths and stairs in the backyard. I recently noticed many of the bricks are stamped with Plainville Brick Co. Plainville, GA. I looked it up and found out that The Plainville Brick Co. is in north Georgia, about an hour from Chattanooga. It was opened in 1923, and is still operating. Population of Plainville as of 2014 Census, 318.

The hydrangea photo I posted earlier today does not do them justice, so I had to get a few close-ups.

The gardenia right outside of the kitchen window should get a little love here as well. This thing smells incredible.


All baby steps forward today.  But at least they’re forward.

Night y’all.

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