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Move Day : Part 1

Big steps forward today. We had everything hauled out of storage and into the house, in the rain. I don’t think it will ever stop f’ing raining.

We have a lot of crap. I hoard old Mac computers, handbags, and yarn. The husband hoards folk art, pottery, comic books and general weirdness. More on that below.

The husband hoarder highlights:

This is a face jug, all tucked in for a safe ride up 85.

It began raining just as the movers made it to the house with the trucks. It continued to rain the entire time. Pouring, non-stop. The little creek that runs through the yard, this one:

Looked like this:

I’ve been counting the days until this sight…

Finally. Furniture and boxes in the house!

We also managed to hang curtains today, looks like we might live here soon.

So much stuff.

Eventually, the doors, porch rail, deck and garage door will be painted. It could be another week or more with this relentless rain.

Also, the drive down 85 after this was an adventure. A drive that should be 15-20 minutes took well over an hour thanks to this little flood.

Tomorrow, the third (and hopefully final) electrician appointment.


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