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Another small step forward

Today was about electrical work. Every outlet and light switch in the house is being swapped out.

It is surprisingly satisfying to finally have switches and plates on the walls.

The back of the kitchen door, and the front door were painted today. That clock over the kitchen door is my favorite wall clock – IKEA Pugg. It is not expensive or terribly fragile,which means it will not be tragic if a little 4 year-old bulldozer slams a door and knocks it off the wall.

The kitchen cabinets are the next big project. More on that later.

Other small steps forward over the weekend included getting the new bed frame, set up and ready.

And swapping out the knobs on the master bath vanity. They were sweet little round white ceramic knobs on white cabinets.

We went with these instead:

I did discover Lego Captain America keeping watch in the front window today. I hope he isn’t offended that I went ahead and installed the security system tonight. SimpliSafe, love it.

The shed is coming along nicely.

The dreaded rain continues, so the final trim and deck painting is a bit delayed.

Tomorrow will be a big day. We have the movers scheduled to haul all the stuff out of storage and to the house. If I find the energy to post after that chaos, expect more pictures than words.


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