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Paint and Counting Outlets

We had the electrician out this morning to manage some of the issues flagged on the inspection report. This list includes assorted fun like uncapped wires in the panel, outlets that aren’t grounded, and the surprising choice of a garage door opener wired to a light switch in the kitchen. The list goes on, but you get the idea. There is no fun like the fun you can have counting every outlet and light switch in a 2,800 sq ft house. Twice. FYI we have more that 50 freaking outlets in that house. Also, there’s a decision to be made about the type of light switch to use. Just when I thought mailbox and knob choices were a bit much, we’ve entered the realm of light switch options. Max the electrician said to me, in a stern tone, to please not choose the rotary style for any dimmer switches we need to replace. I was too entertained by the seriousness of the delivery to question the reasoning. I prefer the little slide switches for dimmers, but it could be fun to throw in one random rotary dimmer (and keep the receipt) just to see what happens.

The unruly wires were put in their place, a few outlets replaced and the garage door is no longer wired to a light switch. We have a long list to tackle on a follow-up appointment that will include a crew and grounding rods. But first, we need figure out the type of damn switch, and buy a gazillion outlet and switch plates.

In other news… the trim is done.

The remaining primer and wall painting is underway today, and the interior paint project might wrap up by tomorrow.




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