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Impulse Buys and Primer

We made it through IKEA unscathed. We found light fixtures for the boys’ rooms and possibly a few outdoor chairs for the deck. Then it was off to Target, because it is not a weekend unless we are in an f’ing Target.  We needed a gift for a 4 year-old’s birthday party later today… and then we stumbled upon a great grill sale. The old grill was sold with the townhouse and we had been holding out for the Memorial Day sales to replace it.

We took the shiny new grill to the house to unload and discovered that the primer is moving along. Even better, the plan is to have ceilings and trim done today. The primer alone is giving everything new life. I might lose my mind when I see the paint colors hit the wall.






We left the house with just enough time to get to a park for the 4 year-old birthday party. The one we were shopping for when the grill happened.  The park was lovely, it’s at Whittier Mill Village.  Here’s a photo from an old carpenter shop that has been turned into a pavilion at the park.

We found that there was no party. There was also no note directing anyone to an alternate location for the party. The invite did not have a phone number, email, last name or home address. We drove the entire neighborhood in search of balloons, the universal indicator for a party, no luck. Returned to the park and found another lost family. The kids had an unplanned play date and we discussed the appropriate way to manage a child’s birthday party. Evites, Paperless Post, email.  Anything but a vague (albeit cute) piece of paper taped to a child’s cubby !?!? WTF people, step up the game, that’s bullshit. Our Sunday afternoon time is precious.

After the epic birthday party fail, we had a late lunch in our old neighborhood followed by a walk through of one of my favorite furniture stores.

Impromptu buy #2 of the day … we are now the proud owners of two of these chairs. So much knitting will happen in this chair.



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