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I’m not morning people. No amount of coffee will ever make me morning people.  I did manage to haul myself north early this morning to get photos of the paint progress.  For extra fun I’ve managed to find a few photos for a little before comparison.

This is the front room, no light fixtures up at the moment. There’s also not a great before comparison I can provide here, since this angle’s before would be a view of a paneled wall.

The other side of the room, before paint, but after wall removal.


That fireplace is primer-only. A different paint color will go on all the brick in the garage, sunroom and fireplace. Yes, it is another shade of gray, I’m simple that way.


Den wall (the paneled twin of the fallen front room wall)




This is from one of the bathrooms.

It has the old school tile walls and wallpaper, but it has been updated in recent years and we did not want to tackle a project to make major changes in this room. This room was the most challenging aspect of the pick-a-paint-color problem. The tile color did not seem likely to play nice with the wall color we wanted to use. There is wallpaper in this bathroom, but it is a neutral color and a texture, not a seizure-inducing pattern so we decided we can live with it for a while.  All we had to do was find a trim color that would work. I’ll need to see it in true daylight to be sure, but I think we did it.




Here’s a few more from various rooms in the house.









Also, the new knob investment was the right call.


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  1. Hey I am liking all the new paint and I sure like the yard plants…Seems like y’all are making a lot of progress..Are you Painting outside?

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