House, Paint, Progress

Paint Progress

Its been a very long day. The elevator tried to warn me this morning, pointing me back to the car.   I’m tired and out of words. Behold, house progress. This is around 6pm today and yes, that’s more damn rain, with more expected tomorrow.

House, Paint, Progress


One update today, and it is a big one. Primer!     I hope the weather cooperates, because the paint phase is scheduled to start tomorrow. I really can’t take much more of those odd white shutter ghosts on the siding. Primer, y’all!!!

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Weekend Updates

The weekend was a blur of juggling home improvement errands, projects and busy boys…as traffic challenges continue in Atlanta. The primary goal of the weekend was to resolve the issue of the HVAC floor returns, formerly located in a wall that no longer exists. We found wood registers, removed the plastic register bits to create return grilles… Read More Weekend Updates

House, Paint

More Little Things

We are winding up the little details on the interior work. Floor patching.   The HVAC  covers are still being sorted out, more on that later.   Once the floor was done, the final trim for the remaining parts of the wall could be finished.   Even the garage looks great.   It’s been a… Read More More Little Things

House, Paint, Progress

New Pool

The painting was winding down today. The brick, trim and touch up areas were all getting attention.   I’m really happy with the improvement in this room. Even the garage looks great, minus the trash that’s being hauled off this weekend. We put the flag up for Memorial Day. It will have to come down… Read More New Pool

House, Paint, Progress


I’m not morning people. No amount of coffee will ever make me morning people.  I did manage to haul myself north early this morning to get photos of the paint progress.  For extra fun I’ve managed to find a few photos for a little before comparison. This is the front room, no light fixtures up… Read More Paint!

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Knobs & Trim

Today’s trip to Home Depot was to find new knobs for the interior doors. The original ones are brassy, and that will not work with the new paint. So now we have new knobs.   I dropped the new knobs off at the house. Trim painting is underway!   I’m hoping the dark trim will hold up under… Read More Knobs & Trim