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So much wallpaper…

Prep continues at the house. It turns out that everywhere there is wallpaper, there are two layers of wallpaper.  It’s incredibly time consuming to remove. I understand why people just paint over it. Here is the listing photo of the master bedroom for reference, this room has one window and two layers of wallpaper. We… Read More So much wallpaper…


Thoughts on Tree Removal

Leaving Tiny House early this morning we were greeted by this giant limb carnage.  It missed the roof of Tiny House by roughly 10-12 feet. I am very happy that we lucked out and this thing missed the roof and the power lines and we aren’t sinking money into two houses at once.  It’s also… Read More Thoughts on Tree Removal


Yard-work, with Chainsaws.

The house has a crazy yard. Tons of mature trees, years of carefully cultivated plants, intricate paths around the shed and play set and the boys’ favorite thing about the house – a creek. We have already ordered a new play set with a spectacular combination of climbing wall, fort, slide, swings, trapeze, etc. to… Read More Yard-work, with Chainsaws.

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Grays, so many Grays

The first tasks assigned to us by the contractor include choosing paint colors. Joanna Gaines makes this look so easy, she walks into a room waves her hand toward the wall and says “and a coat of fresh paint” and you just know she’s already figured out the exact color for every square inch of… Read More Grays, so many Grays


House in Progress

We closed on a house last week, wrapping up a nearly year-long effort of real estate adventures. Now we begin the home improvement adventures. Expect sporadic and profanity-filled posts.